“Insurrection” at the Capitol – and the faux outrage that followed

By now, there has not been a media outlet that hasn’t covered and put their spin on what happened on January 6, 2021 in the nations Capitol. All across the leftist-controlled mainstream and social media platforms, pundits and “reporters” pushed the narrative that right wing extremists, under the cult-like spell of Donald Trump, were outContinue reading ““Insurrection” at the Capitol – and the faux outrage that followed”

Nancy orders another round – of power

Well sports fans, our favorite Democrat drinking buddy – Nancy Pelosi, who just hours earlier had her illegal Guatemalan landscaping crew remove the pig head and Antifa graffiti from her palatial, walled and gated estate with them fancy, highfalutin appliances that hold her stash of Dove bars and Franzia Cabarnet, has done gotten herself re-electedContinue reading “Nancy orders another round – of power”

Homage to the South

Ah, the south. Without it, we wouldn’t have NASCAR, Chic-Fil-A, cajun and creole cooking, Kentucky bourbon, Walmart parking lot revivals, Gospel music, monster trucks, Hee Haw, the SEC and the Georgia Bulldogs (or “Dawgs” as they say), country music, that banjo kid from Deliverance, yada yada yada … In our last post, we talked aboutContinue reading “Homage to the South”

This weeks highlights – and its only Tuesday!

Where to begin? Ah – I know! I’m going old school on this one. Like my old neighborhood bff’s Italian grandmother, I’m going to throw some spaghetti against the wall and see if it sticks, or needs to boil more. More cooking tips later. We have much ground to cover. >>>It’s here! It’s finally here!Continue reading “This weeks highlights – and its only Tuesday!”

It’s the 23rd Annual Raison Detre ‘Newsmaker of the Year Award’

Last week, Time Magazine made quite a stir in their annual “Person of the Year” award by giving it to the Democrat tag team of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Xi Jinping. Like every year, their award is often misunderstood by many to represent the people that they like and admire the most. Just likeContinue reading “It’s the 23rd Annual Raison Detre ‘Newsmaker of the Year Award’”

“Statistics don’t lie. Statisticians do.” – Somebody smart said that; maybe it was me.

Quite a week indeed, so far – and its only Wednesday. The Trump diehards are continuing to make waves and rattle cages over the foul, pungent stench of the Great Election Fraud of 2020. American blood-sport politics at its worst. There really wouldn’t be much to look at and discuss had it not been forContinue reading ““Statistics don’t lie. Statisticians do.” – Somebody smart said that; maybe it was me.”

Welcome to the First Annual Raison Detre Awards!!!

In 2009, just eleven days into his presidency, Barack Obama was nominated for – and later received – a Nobel Peace Prize, for no apparent reason other than not being George W. Bush. Not only did former Nobel Commission secretary Geir Lundestad acknowledge that the decision was purely political, but also admitted in hindsight it wasn’tContinue reading “Welcome to the First Annual Raison Detre Awards!!!”

How to Lose Friends and Influence Elections

Before I am ostracized from my social circle, kicked out of my posse, removed from my crew, etc., let me say this: I want Trump to have a second term. I voted for him. Showed up at rallies for him. Had my front yard vandalized and Trump yard sign destroyed. Yes, I believe election fraudContinue reading “How to Lose Friends and Influence Elections”