Nuking lib/progressive orthodoxy; challenging Marxist ideology; spreading toxic masculinity, celebrating femininity, and promoting American exceptionalism.

Devoted to pissing off the planet – one liberal at a time (or in groups- we don’t care).

Oh lord, not another politics blog!

Oh, YES, my friend! This is about politics – and culture – and current events – and constitutional rights – and the erosion of those rights that were given to us by our Creator, and not our self-proclaimed government masters. This is pure, straight-up real talk without the politically correct psycho-babble, delivered with a complete and unapologetic offensive tone that doesn’t give a hoot about your feelings of “oppression” or “marginalization”. And if you are concerned about any of that, get ready to use your vocabulary of words that end with -ist, -ism, and -phobia. We don’t care. Tough. Too bad. Sucks to be you.

We aim to provide reading and thinking material for men who suffer from toxic masculinity and women who are real feminists who aren’t afraid of being smart and attractive to the opposite sex. Stuff you can enjoy with your favorite bourbon or single-malt scotch and a good cigar, in between hitting one inch groupings at 15 yards with your favorite concealed carry piece. Enjoy!

And if you you happen to be a beta-male soy boy metrosexual, an overweight man-hating progressive feminist, or just plain confused as to which public restroom to use, grab a White Claw and a tissue, take off your Antifa or BLM shirt so your mom can wash it, and get ready to scream and cry. Keep a coloring book on stand-by for traumatic stress relief.

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