Days of chaos

Day # 222 of the Biden Administration Cavalcade of Mirth, at least for most non-US citizens and those not located in third world shitholes under theocracies and dictatorships hostile to the US.

Dementia Joe has been at many press conferences regurgitating the word salad put together for him by the white lab coats in charge of keeping him upright and mobile, yet openly professing he was told not to take questions.

U.S. military aircraft carried the last American troops out of Afghanistan on Monday, marking the formal end of the longest war in U.S. history but leaving hundreds of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghans to face a future of very certain danger, and probable death at the hands of the Godless, soulless Islamic fascists.

Tomorrow will be Aug 31, the deadline for withdrawal Biden often repeats as set by him, but his handlers know it is the deadline of the Taliban, and we don’t have to like it according to them.

The exit, under the persistent threat of terrorist attacks, already has claimed the lives of 13 American service members and more than 200 Afghans that we know about, mostly from an Islamic State suicide bombing at the Kabul airport on Thursday. There is no telling of how many others have been beaten, tortured, raped, and beheaded, but I’m sure in the days ahead, the alternative foreign press will be reporting what the American mainstream press whores won’t.

F the Biden administration, and F any of you brain-dead asshats who voted for him.

Free Marlena Pavos-Hackney!!!

Alright, I’m gonna get a little Rod Serling here.

You are about to enter another dimension …

So, its 1983, and you and your family escape from communist dictatorship tyranny in Poland.  You come to America – land of the free, home of the brave, yadda, yadda, yadda.  You think you’re truly free from a tyrannical government, and  you get ready to live a life where you can reap the rewards of your own efforts through hard work, entrepreneurship, dedication, and sacrifice.

Fast forward to 2021, in the same country that you fled to for safety and freedom, only to find yourself in a state that has been locked down for over a year while effectively killing off businesses (and the elderly) without any regard to the aftereffects and the damage it has caused – all for the sake of political grandstanding absent any level of science or factual data.  You find yourself one of the soon-to-be victims of that state, carried off in shackles by its government enforcers, and see your business boarded up closed, not knowing if you’ll ever get it back.  You reach the holding compound, and are told you will be denied bail like someone who has committed a capital offense like murder.

You are charged with your crime.  The press, like the strange hybrid of blood thirsty headline ghouls and cheap political whores they are, who serve at the pleasure of one particular side of the government, cover your arrest with glee and excitement.  They will report “Justice has been served!” and “The Governor and AG keep citizens safe!”

And what horrific crime could you have committed that deserves such high profile media coverage?  Murder?  Rape? Infanticide?  Pedophilia? Torture?  Mass shooting?

No.  You served pizza.  No sh*t.  F’n pizza.

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, owner of Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria in Holland, Michigan, was taken into custody following a traffic stop for failing to comply in a civil case filed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

State officials said she kept her restaurant open for indoor dining when it was banned, didn’t comply with capacity limits, and didn’t enforce any mask-wearing rules amid the pandemic. The department then suspended her food license on Jan. 20, but she remained open.

Let this marinate below your cranium for a bit.

Now I’m gonna go a little Johnny Rotten on ya.

“Americans aren’t at all like they’re misrepresented through their politicians.” – Johnny Rotten

Let me introduce you to Michigan’s version of the Third Reich.

This is the same state, led by the same Gov and AG that put covid patients in close quarters with the most vulnerable to actually get covid – seniors who need care just to live normally.  The Gov has blood on her hands from the forced death of thousands.

Michigan’s Top Dog – Gretchen Whitmer.

This is the same state, led by the same Gov and AG that claimed there was no election fraud in 2020, yet their Democrat cohort in crime, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson illegally told county voting clerks last fall that they must presume a signature on an absentee ballot envelope or a ballot application is valid. The Michigan Court of Claims said Benson’s directive was illegal because it didn’t go through a formal rule-making process that involves the Legislature.

Yes, this witch is that bold.

And let’s not forget the 30th District Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie E. Aquilina. This power-hungry grandstanding crime fighter decides to put the smackdown on Marlena while in court. How brave and bold in dispensing justice!

“We the people, small business owners, like I told you, have to fight. I will fight for freedom [for] the American people. And I encourage everyone, business owners, other people stand up and fight for your freedom before it’s going to be taken away,” Marlena Pavlos-Hackney told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson this week.

Yes, Michigan’s own all-star line-up of Third Reich impersonators include Whitmer, Nessel, Benson, and Aquilina.  Talk about women’s empowerment gone astray.

And for those of you who are soooooo offended by what happened on January 6 in DC (although I doubt I have any such readers), throw some bricks in your backpack and jump off a pier. You cowardly, unaware jackasses have no idea of the term “insurrection” – you celebrate it yourselves every damn 4th of July, and remain cluelessly dumb sheep regarding the government tyranny happening right in front of you. Events like what are going on in Michigan are quickly edging millions of patriots to make January 6 look like a Boy Scout Jamboree in comparison. It’s not what we want. It’s not what anyone wants. It should never have to happen in the United States of America. But keep remaining stupid and clueless, and allowing patriots to be put into a corner, and you’ll find yourselves pulling your head out of your asses and saying in panic, “What the hell happened?”

Maybe that fence around DC has a good reason to be there. It seems as though Democrats now believe in walls. If this sh*t keeps up, some states like Michigan, California, and New York may want to consider the same.

The Return of Enlightenment! (or, I’m baaack!)

My apologies to the legions of my adoring fans who rely on my clever wit and timeless wisdom for their regular dose of true conservatarian intellectual nourishment.

Yes, yes – it is that exciting!

You see friends, Raison (pronouns: Your Highness, His Majesty, Your Magnificence) lives in a state where the governor has done everything possible to ruin and wipe out the livelihoods of many residents, in many many industries. I have had to concentrate on keeping my business alive and well, despite my governors best efforts. Being independently wealthy along with good looking is a full time chore for me, so I had to take a wee bit of a break.

Because of this, I thought I would entertain you with a snippet of a Facebook “conversation” I recently had (more like schoolin’ by me) with with a gentlemen attempting to persuade Your Highness that I should “keep things civil” when talking to and addressing leftist idiocy. It kinda went like this:

Tom, we are not at a point were nice, friendly Mr Rogers-type debate is can be used to build bridges and sing Kumbaya.  The enemy is inside the gate, and most conservatives do little more than look at the destruction of the republic, shake their heads, and say “oh my!”.  Samuel is a prime example of an education system that has been lost to the radical left because of the complacency and laziness of two generations.  I’ll give you 10 to 1 that whatever college he is in, the faculty is overwhelmingly far left, not to mention any high school and below that he attended.  We have a majority of students today who have been taught that socialism is preferential over capitalism, America is bad, white people are evil, women live under an oppressive patriarchy, and any group can act as a collective and claim oppression.  Welcome to the age of the ignorant bedwetter, who demands cradle to grave diaper changing by the almighty and righteous government, that in their eyes should be in control of all.  The American ideals of self-reliance and meritocracy are all but dead.  Instead, the new achievement of victimhood is worshiped by the left, and the nobility of white racial self-loathing and emphasis on past sins is the new religion.  Never mind the genius of the founders who created a republic and a constitution that facilitates continual improvement.”

Yes, friends – although I have not been active on this forum for a bit, I have kept my promise to fight leftist heterodoxy and stupidity wherever I may find it.

I hope you have and will continue as well.

Good day, and have an even better tomorrow. Stay vigilant. and keep your powder dry.

Be prepared! Stay vigilant. and keep your powder dry.

The REAL “Occupy Wall Street”

Wednesday was a banner day for the little guy on Wall Street – the rebel, the brawler, the one who will not be put down by those in power. If you love David vs Goliath stories, this gem will make you smile.

A number of institutional investors and hedge funds had spent billions “shorting” GameStop’s stock, due to the company’s struggles to survive as the “Blockbuster of video games.” In the simplest possible terms, shorting a stock means betting that the price will go down. GameStop is the 12th-largest U.S. equity short on the market at time of publication, according to Investopedia. 

GameStop’s stock price collapsed by 62% Thursday, resulting in trading freezes. BlackBerry followed suit, collapsing 44%, AMC Entertainment was down 67% and Nokia fell 30%, according to The Hill. The Dow Jones Industrial Average bounced back by more than 500 points before noon after heavy losses Wednesday.

When someone shorts a stock, they have to borrow the shares from an entity like an investment bank. They then sell those shares at the current price, and buy them back at a later date to return to the lender. That second part of the process is known as “covering.” If the price goes down during the time between those two transactions, the short seller will profit the difference. If the price goes up, though, the short seller loses when they finally have to “cover” and buy back their shares. 

In a nutshell, a small Reddit group of independent investors in a subreddit group named “Wallstreetbets” put the screws to the the big hedge fund managers that have done the same to many smaller traded companies. It was glorious!

So who are Wallstreetbets? Essentially, they are the financial version of those that stormed the Capitol a few weeks ago, but in this case, EVERYTHING THEY DID WAS LEGAL. The same way Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the Dem Jackass Hee Haw gang were terrified by the patriots display of angst, frustration, and DC greed, the Wall Street fat cats who have no trouble crushing their competitors were properly embarrassed both socially and financially by these renegades and believers in TRUE free market capitalism.

Entrepreneur Jaime Rogozinski, founded the forum in 2012 in hopes of building a place where sophisticated investors could discuss high-risk, high-reward short-term trading strategies, Money reported in 2018. “All the talk was about long-term investing and index funds,” Rogozinski told Money at the time. “Whenever I would go on Reddit and post a comment or question, I would get berated for not being a good investor.” Nearly a decade after Rogozinski founded the subreddit, it has amassed more than 3 million subscribers, or “degenerates,” as they call themselves. The demographics of subscribers is hard to know, but it appears to be a predominantly young, male crowd.

As Reddit user “Flexinzack” put it: “For all the big f*cking hedge funds monitoring us, this is a message from us to you, we f*cking own you now. F*ck. You.” 

If you’re a long-term investor who buys stocks and holds on to them for years, these Redditors may seem closer to gamblers. And if they’re trading what they say they are, they’re gambling thousands of dollars. The risky and speculative options trading WallStreetBets members claim to participate in has become much easier to do recently thanks to apps like Robinhood. And since many are staying and working from home during the pandemic, day trading has become even more popular.

Now for the really sketchy part of the story.

Robinhood is a financial services company who have advertised themselves as the champion of the little investor, and whose mission is to “democratize finance for all” by offering commission-free trading on individual companies, options, ETFs, and also offers cash management accounts and cryptocurrency trading. But Robinhood showed their true colors and demonstrated just who are pulling their strings. Robinhood single handedly rewrote the rules for Wall Street and stopped all selling of Gamestop shares once they saw what was happening. In 2021, Robinhood steals from the poor and gives to the rich.

After reading 30+ articles about what happened Wednesday, this video from Tucker Carlson’s show explained it the best. It’s 21 minutes long, but well worth the investment of time. Give this at least 3 minutes. You’ll thank me.

Let’s play “Spot the Democrat!”

Its getting far too easy to play this game.

This is what ‘leadership’ in Michigan looks like.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota …

Go ahead – spot the Democrat!

Because of how easy it has become, it’s not challenging or even fun any more. Scared sh*tless of covid? You might be a Democrat. Just sayin …

New Heights in Democrat Stupidity – John Kerry, Statesman Extraordinaire

You gotta hand it to the lib/progressive Democrats total level of commitment to setting the high mark for nonthinking. They are overachievers when it comes to showing just how well they can put aside fact, logic, reason, and compassion (a virtue they claim to champion) when creating new and meaningless warm-fuzzy environmental policy.

The most recent benchmark for abject cluelessness was set by none other than that failed Obama administration master statesman, former Secretary of State John Kerry, who is now Dementia Joe’s new U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

John Kerry said Wednesday that President Joe Biden wants fossil fuel workers who lose their jobs, such as those involved with the Keystone pipeline, to “have better choices” like going to make solar panels. When asked what he has to say to people who believe they are seeing an end to their livelihoods, Kerry – being the lanky horse-faced jackass he is, said that the president is focused on creating “new jobs.” When asked what his message would be to oil and gas workers who see an end to their livelihoods: “What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices… That they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.” Yeah. Just like that, they can go make solar panels. That comment has to be right up there with Marie Antoinette’s infamous “Let them eat cake” comment about starving peasants.

But enough about John Kerry’s newest venture into callous, thoughtless commentary on massive job loss initiated by his cognitively impaired boss. Let’s have a little stroll down memory lane reflecting on those stellar achievements in Kerry’s career.

John Kerry is known for being quite an environmental threat himself as one of the biggest gasbags in American politics and singlehandedly responsible for massive amounts of terrible emissions. With his keen political instincts and superior intellect, Kerry was the one who berated President Trump over moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, insisting it would cause “an absolute explosion” — when it actually helped Trump broker a few stunning Arab-Israeli peace deals that Kerry and his former boss Obama said could never be done.

In January 2015, Muslim extremists attacked the French offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, along with a Jewish supermarket that left a total 18 people dead including a policewoman. The Obama White House came under intense criticism for not dispatching a high-level official to join a solidarity march in Paris that included more than 40 world leaders who joined French President Francois Hollande for the event. In the usual Obama administration way, the United States made another high profile faux pas by only sending its ambassador in Paris. So how does America’s key statesmen handle the situation? He goes to France with James Taylor (yes, the singer) to have the songsmith woo the crowd with a rendition of “You’ve got a friend”, hoping to sooth the bad feelings with some warm-fuzzies. Kerry had said he hoped to give the French people a “big hug.” Every time I watch that video, I turn red with embarrassment for him – and America. Such world class statesmanship. Geezus.

And what better credentials can you have for the role of ‘U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate’ by actually setting some fine examples about how much you care for the environment. Kerry held staunch opposition to a Cape Cod wind farm, saying that he supported the farm but opposed the location, because it spoiled his fabulous view from his living room window. “Remember, he is the man who opposed a wind project on the Nantucket Sound because he didn’t want to see the view outside his window,” Ari Fleischer said on Fox News, following Kerry’s appearance at a White House briefing on climate change on Wednesday. There have also been critics who have pointed out Kerry’s frequent use of private jets, which emit up to 40 times more carbon per passenger than commercial flights. It must be fun to virtue signal when your crossing the Atlantic in your Gulfstream.

But the biggest accomplishment in John Kerry’s hallmark career has to be the millions he made by working in DC, not to mention the brilliant job of marrying the heir to the Heinz Ketchup empire. Old horse face will NEVER have to worry about money for the rest of his life. Too bad the people his boss puts out of work cannot claim the same.

Dems, we told you so!!!

Stupidity should be painful and expensive. It’s the only way that people with two-digit IQ’s will learn a lesson – maybe. Yes, we are talkin’ your average Democrat voter. The reasons for their stupidity are wide and varied. Some are simply asleep. Others are too comfortable and lazy to do their homework. And then we have the lost – those that are beyond salvageable because of low bandwith in their sub-cranial neural nets.

President Slow Joe, in an effort to outdo himself with killing 11,000 jobs directly and several thousands more indirectly by cancelling the Keystone pipeline, has now directed the secretary of the Interior Department to halt new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and waters, and begin a thorough review of existing permits for fossil fuel development. If you want to know how that affects YOU, oil and gas extracted from public lands and waters account for about 10 percent of annual US oil and gas production.  Do the F-ing math.

On top of that, it has been estimated that the domino effect from these actions in oil producing states like New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, and a slew of others will result in a net loss of up to one million jobs. And for you folks employed in the automotive industry, that will mean a decrease in sales of high profit vehicles like pick-up trucks and SUVs in those states. For those of you who work in the already decimated restaurant industry, people will eat out less. For those of you who enjoy cheap food prices and sales, kiss those goodbye from increased transportation costs. And for all of you who enjoy cheap plastic goods at Walmart or your local dollar store, kiss those goodbye, too.

From the NY Times:

“Penalizing the oil and gas industry kills good-paying American jobs, hurts our already struggling economy, makes our country more reliant on foreign energy sources, and impacts those who rely on affordable and reliable energy,” Anne Bradbury, president of the American Exploration and Production Council, a trade group that represents oil and gas producers, said in a statement.

Erik Milito, president of the National Ocean Industries Association, a trade group that represents offshore energy companies, hinted at legal challenges ahead, saying in a statement that the pause on oil and gas leasing in particular “is contrary to law and puts America on a path toward increased imports from foreign nations that have been characterized as pollution havens.”

Oil, gas and coal executives as well as Republican lawmakers described Mr. Biden’s climate change plans as a broadside against the fossil fuel industry that will do little to actually reduce United States emissions. Pete Obermueller, president of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, said the decision to pause new leases represents “a staggering loss” to his state, while Jim Willox, president of the Wyoming County Commissioners Association called it “a punch in the gut” to Wyoming.

New Mexico, a major oil and gas producing state that owes about a third of its budget to revenues from the industry, “will be hit harder than any other state” by President Douchebag’s (NOT from the NY Times) leasing plan.

In case processing basic math and understanding simple economic principles are not your strongest attributes, or you’re a Democrat, or just an F-ing moron, that means we will be – by this time next year – paying far more than $2.40 a gallon (Today’s AAA National Average Price as of 1/27/21 is $2.408).

So, for the next four years, the next time I hear someone complaining about the cost of gas, or unemployment, or an economy that has stalled and your 401Ks are tanking, I will simply ask you who you voted for in 2020. If you provide the wrong answer, I am going to sucker punch you. Hard.

Again, stupidity should be painful.

The Bezos Pig Farm

I admit it.    I have bought tons of cool stuff on Amazon. I’ve enjoyed it. I love what they have to offer – which is just about anything and everything on the planet, in any color you want, shipped to your doorstep overnight if you choose. This is why it’s unfortunate that I will have to stop. I’ll have to look elsewhere for cheap optics for my guns, inexpensive truck parts, and bullet-proof cell phone cases in designer colors for $12.95.

It seems the richest man in the world doesn’t quite care about being caught in full blown  hypocrisy since he can dry his tears in $100 bills, and hide his shame in one of his many multi-million dollar homes. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t begrudge him for being rich, but I do despise him for being a Democrat-loving jackass along with the fact that he doesn’t even make an honest attempt to hide his hypocritical bullshit.

It turns out that the Social Justice Warrior of the corporate world has turned his back on what his leftist sycophants and political donation recipients would call a “workers rights” issue.   Come February 8th, workers at a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama are scheduled to vote on whether to unionize. The National Labor Relations Board said that the vote could take place entirely by mail because of the Covid 19 pandemic.   

So how does Jeff Bezos feel about this? Amazon is attempting to make the vote only count for those that show up IN PERSON. The reasoning that has been spoon fed to the public is that in order to have a valid, fair, and successful election, it should be conducted manually  in person. Kinda like that mass voter fraud issue in November of just sending out ballots to everyone even though they may have moved, died, or didn’t want to vote. Funny how Bezos was silent on that.

In a court filing, Amazon claimed that an election by mail could “disenfranchise dozens or hundreds of voters”.  Huh? WT…? That was the proclaimed reason Dems sent presidential election ballots to anyone and everyone in some states.  

Yes sir, that champion of the oppressed and down trodden has turned his company into an ongoing target by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health near council which lists Amazon among the most unsafe work places in the country.  There have been 6 worker deaths in 7 months and 13 deaths since 2013.

And now, Bezos has told the Biden administration he would like to help with vaccine distribution just days after Trump left the White House. What a guy!

Bezos is a pig feral swine.

The Unforgivable Crime of Not Feeling Guilty

While scrolling and trolling through the vast cesspool of internet bilge, I came across an article in the very unapologetically liberal New York Daily News that actually made me stop, stare, and wonder if I was dreaming a new episode of The Twilight Zone. Written by an individual named Nelson Oliveira, the article attempted to have you think present day America was identical to the deep south, circa 1920, when the KKK was a quasi-enforcement arm of the Democrat party, and had claimed 4 million members.


According to the article, members of a small Pennsylvania community were “horrified” by a sign – with three simple words – that was seen in multiple locations in the area. The signs had been described in the article as ” … appear to be an attempt to promote racial division and white nationalism … “ along with an explanation that read “The controversial phrase is thought to be a rallying cry for hate groups and is connected to supporters of white nationalism, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

Put on your boots because you know the big, smelly, biased shit pile is going to be deeply far left when someone quotes the now shamed, debunked and exposed Southern Poverty Law Center. This group of phony social justice warriors made a very healthy living at claiming different organizations as “hate groups”, an infantile term still constantly used by the mainstream media. Even the Boy Scouts are almost classified by the SPLC as neo-Nazi, para-military hate group much like the Hitler Youth of the Third Reich. Yeah, they’re pretty much that full of shit.

So back to the signs. What did the say? What was sooo offensive? What was so racially divisive?

“N-words Must Die!” Nope. That wasn’t it. “Kill All Blacks!” No, not that either. “KKK was right!” Uh, no, not even close.

Instead, it was this –


Yeah, that was it. “No White Guilt”. Hardly a catalyst for donning a white sheet and having a good cross burning, huh? And again, the article stated the signs ” … appear to be an attempt to promote racial division and white nationalism.”

“Honestly, it shocked me,” Sellersville, PA resident snowflake Arielle Bianchimano told CBS affiliate KYW-TV. “I was horrified by it… It disturbs me that anyone would want to instill fear,” she said. Really?Fear”? “These views have no place in our community or Commonwealth,” tweeted state Sen. Maria Collett. “And those who value a just and inclusive society should know that I stand with them and I will denounce this hate at every opportunity.”

Apparently, not apologizing when you are innocent is now “hate“. This is the level of Orwellian we have achieved in 2021. This is the level of lib/progressive white guilt that has been a staple of public education indoctrination for a couple of generations now. Yes, the majority of the general population are that stupid.

Mr Owens is now SERVING as the U.S. Representative for Utah’s 4th congressional district.

Police told KYW-TV that there’s nothing they can do because the signs were placed on private property and are considered free speech, which is exactly correct. And for the interim, its still legal until the Biden administration settles in. When that happens, all bets are off.

The fascists of the future will call themselves Anti-fascists (aka ANTIFA)

A story from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) discusses another domestic terrorist act that will go unpunished and be carried out without any sense of repercussions by the notorious group of low-emotional IQ, socialist misfits known as Antifa. These filthy little animals make those “peaceful protestors” of BLM look like the Mississippi Children’s Choir.

Andy Ngo is the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, a Canadian conservative news site, and has documented the activities of Antifa, the leftist group that advocates violent fascist tactics in the name of – wait for it – fighting fascism. Mr. Ngo was beaten by Antifa thugs at a rally in 2019, leaving him with a serious brain injury.

Seems our little commie bedwetter friends don’t like the idea of anyone selling Ngo’s book, and will take what ever steps necessary to stop its sale. The book documents the extreme tactics and ideology of Antifa, and exposes them for the lost and soulless morons they are.

Meanwhile, Portland’s ineffectual and impotent mayor Ted Wheeler (Democrat – of course) still has no sign of testosterone in dealing with these worthless little walking pieces of human excrement. A shame. Portland used to be a bright little city that was vibrant and filled with creative types that any other city would bend over backwards to have.

But now, the city and its liberal, progressive idealism has given safe harbor to a modern day group of Nazi brown shirts who revel in its decline.

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