New Heights in Democrat Stupidity – John Kerry, Statesman Extraordinaire

You gotta hand it to the lib/progressive Democrats total level of commitment to setting the high mark for nonthinking. They are overachievers when it comes to showing just how well they can put aside fact, logic, reason, and compassion (a virtue they claim to champion) when creating new and meaningless warm-fuzzy environmental policy.

The most recent benchmark for abject cluelessness was set by none other than that failed Obama administration master statesman, former Secretary of State John Kerry, who is now Dementia Joe’s new U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

John Kerry said Wednesday that President Joe Biden wants fossil fuel workers who lose their jobs, such as those involved with the Keystone pipeline, to “have better choices” like going to make solar panels. When asked what he has to say to people who believe they are seeing an end to their livelihoods, Kerry – being the lanky horse-faced jackass he is, said that the president is focused on creating “new jobs.” When asked what his message would be to oil and gas workers who see an end to their livelihoods: “What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices… That they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.” Yeah. Just like that, they can go make solar panels. That comment has to be right up there with Marie Antoinette’s infamous “Let them eat cake” comment about starving peasants.

But enough about John Kerry’s newest venture into callous, thoughtless commentary on massive job loss initiated by his cognitively impaired boss. Let’s have a little stroll down memory lane reflecting on those stellar achievements in Kerry’s career.

John Kerry is known for being quite an environmental threat himself as one of the biggest gasbags in American politics and singlehandedly responsible for massive amounts of terrible emissions. With his keen political instincts and superior intellect, Kerry was the one who berated President Trump over moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, insisting it would cause “an absolute explosion” — when it actually helped Trump broker a few stunning Arab-Israeli peace deals that Kerry and his former boss Obama said could never be done.

In January 2015, Muslim extremists attacked the French offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, along with a Jewish supermarket that left a total 18 people dead including a policewoman. The Obama White House came under intense criticism for not dispatching a high-level official to join a solidarity march in Paris that included more than 40 world leaders who joined French President Francois Hollande for the event. In the usual Obama administration way, the United States made another high profile faux pas by only sending its ambassador in Paris. So how does America’s key statesmen handle the situation? He goes to France with James Taylor (yes, the singer) to have the songsmith woo the crowd with a rendition of “You’ve got a friend”, hoping to sooth the bad feelings with some warm-fuzzies. Kerry had said he hoped to give the French people a “big hug.” Every time I watch that video, I turn red with embarrassment for him – and America. Such world class statesmanship. Geezus.

And what better credentials can you have for the role of ‘U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate’ by actually setting some fine examples about how much you care for the environment. Kerry held staunch opposition to a Cape Cod wind farm, saying that he supported the farm but opposed the location, because it spoiled his fabulous view from his living room window. “Remember, he is the man who opposed a wind project on the Nantucket Sound because he didn’t want to see the view outside his window,” Ari Fleischer said on Fox News, following Kerry’s appearance at a White House briefing on climate change on Wednesday. There have also been critics who have pointed out Kerry’s frequent use of private jets, which emit up to 40 times more carbon per passenger than commercial flights. It must be fun to virtue signal when your crossing the Atlantic in your Gulfstream.

But the biggest accomplishment in John Kerry’s hallmark career has to be the millions he made by working in DC, not to mention the brilliant job of marrying the heir to the Heinz Ketchup empire. Old horse face will NEVER have to worry about money for the rest of his life. Too bad the people his boss puts out of work cannot claim the same.

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