The Unforgivable Crime of Not Feeling Guilty

While scrolling and trolling through the vast cesspool of internet bilge, I came across an article in the very unapologetically liberal New York Daily News that actually made me stop, stare, and wonder if I was dreaming a new episode of The Twilight Zone. Written by an individual named Nelson Oliveira, the article attempted to have you think present day America was identical to the deep south, circa 1920, when the KKK was a quasi-enforcement arm of the Democrat party, and had claimed 4 million members.


According to the article, members of a small Pennsylvania community were “horrified” by a sign – with three simple words – that was seen in multiple locations in the area. The signs had been described in the article as ” … appear to be an attempt to promote racial division and white nationalism … “ along with an explanation that read “The controversial phrase is thought to be a rallying cry for hate groups and is connected to supporters of white nationalism, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

Put on your boots because you know the big, smelly, biased shit pile is going to be deeply far left when someone quotes the now shamed, debunked and exposed Southern Poverty Law Center. This group of phony social justice warriors made a very healthy living at claiming different organizations as “hate groups”, an infantile term still constantly used by the mainstream media. Even the Boy Scouts are almost classified by the SPLC as neo-Nazi, para-military hate group much like the Hitler Youth of the Third Reich. Yeah, they’re pretty much that full of shit.

So back to the signs. What did the say? What was sooo offensive? What was so racially divisive?

“N-words Must Die!” Nope. That wasn’t it. “Kill All Blacks!” No, not that either. “KKK was right!” Uh, no, not even close.

Instead, it was this –


Yeah, that was it. “No White Guilt”. Hardly a catalyst for donning a white sheet and having a good cross burning, huh? And again, the article stated the signs ” … appear to be an attempt to promote racial division and white nationalism.”

“Honestly, it shocked me,” Sellersville, PA resident snowflake Arielle Bianchimano told CBS affiliate KYW-TV. “I was horrified by it… It disturbs me that anyone would want to instill fear,” she said. Really?Fear”? “These views have no place in our community or Commonwealth,” tweeted state Sen. Maria Collett. “And those who value a just and inclusive society should know that I stand with them and I will denounce this hate at every opportunity.”

Apparently, not apologizing when you are innocent is now “hate“. This is the level of Orwellian we have achieved in 2021. This is the level of lib/progressive white guilt that has been a staple of public education indoctrination for a couple of generations now. Yes, the majority of the general population are that stupid.

Mr Owens is now SERVING as the U.S. Representative for Utah’s 4th congressional district.

Police told KYW-TV that there’s nothing they can do because the signs were placed on private property and are considered free speech, which is exactly correct. And for the interim, its still legal until the Biden administration settles in. When that happens, all bets are off.

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