NOW PLAYING – Escape from New York! (and Chicago, and LA, and Portland, and Seattle, and Minneapolis, etc…)

Once again, the abject stupidity and inability to clearly understand reality by the enlightened and woke Democrats has turned our inner cities into dystopic stages for levels of crime that could only be seen in movies not so long ago. We are talking wide-out-in-the-open crime. Crime that is not even hidden, but committed brazenly and in full public view without a concern for being witnessed, or even videoed.

By now, you have probably scene that video captured in Manhattan showing a group of young, wild, animals attacking a driver and his 74 year old mother in broad daylight. If you haven’t, check out the vid of these childish, kids-being-kids wacky hijinks by these poor, unfortunate inner city youth on expensive bikes who probably were not breast fed as babies and have been obvious victims of white privilege.

Ah, when the youthful shenanigans of soaping windows and toilet papering trees has lost its thrill, nothing feels better than the pack animal need for terror and destruction.

A 15-year-old was arrested Wednesday in connection with the attack and charged with rioting and criminal mischief. Police are still searching for the others involved. Criminal mischief??? Mischief is attaching a string to a dollar bill and pulling it when someone tries to pick it up. Mischief is putting dog poop in a paper bag on someone’s doorstep and ringing the bell and running. Mischief is plugging the toilet in the school restroom. Wildly attacking a vehicle with the metal frame of a bike and attempting to gain entry by punching out the windows is assault with intent to do bodily harm. Regardless of the age of the perpetrator, I would feel my life was being threatened, and take action accordingly. At a bare minimum, there would have been crushed bicycles and a few tire-marked corpses laying on the street. If it happened in my neighborhood, the gun I keep on me would have an empty magazine.

Obviously, systemic racism had pushed these Eagle Scouts, high scholastic overachievers, and SAT whiz masters to the brink of violence. Maybe it was the George Floyd incident? Or maybe, just maybe, many of these exuberant youth might lack any real adult role models and have a tough time figuring out who gets the Father’s Day card and ugly tie present?

Now, combine these social problems with the fact that its almost impossible to get a concealed weapon permit in New York, and that great progressive thinking plans (like eliminating bail) of Mayor Bill “Defund-the-police” DeBlasio, and these types of incidents will stop being reported, not because they have ceased, but only due to the amount of frequency that they occur.

Dumbassery on display

Speaking of defunding the police, other cities that have done such are feeling the sharp sting of increased crime. Minneapolis City Council President and part-time rocket surgeon Lisa Bender  in June had said fear of dismantling the police department comes from “a place of privilege” (Yes, she is that woke and stupid). Along with Bender, City council members Steve Fletcher and Andrew Johnson, who are probably MENSA members for their extraordinary progressive thinking and compassion, voted on June 12 to abolish the police department in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Now those same Minneapolis leaders couldn’t for the life of them figure out why crime has spiked. Go figure?

Top that off with cities like Seattle and Los Angeles who will or have effectively made it OK to commit misdemeanors without penalty, if you can claim that you are a member of the underprivileged and downtrodden.  Seattle crime has exploded in the Downtown area by 87% in burglaries since the stay-at-home order and a county ban on most misdemeanor bookings. Los Angeles crime has sky rocketed, and they can’t figure out why.

Portland, fresh off a championship season of 120 straight nights of riots, rung in the new year with a festival of fireworks and Molotov cocktails aimed straight for the police. This happened after the mayor had an epiphany that defunding the police was not not one of his more thought out plans.

And finally, lets give big applause to the the Democrat utopia of Chicago, with some of the toughest gun laws on the books, who just wrapped up a banner year for shootings and murders, not wanting to be outdone by cities like Detroit, East St Louis, or Camden. Yes sir, Chicago is not known for underachievers (do not count the Bears, White Sox, or Cubs – we’re talkin’ criminals for now) pushing out some top shelf numbers like these for 2020: 769 homicides — 274 more than the previous year and the most since the 784 homicides in 2016. The latest shooting victim figures told the same story, with the year ending with 4,033 shooting victims compared with 2,598 the year before.

Way to go Dems! You’ve been in charge of all of those cities for years. You really have outdone yourselves.

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