This weeks highlights – and its only Tuesday!

Where to begin? Ah – I know! I’m going old school on this one. Like my old neighborhood bff’s Italian grandmother, I’m going to throw some spaghetti against the wall and see if it sticks, or needs to boil more.


More cooking tips later. We have much ground to cover.

>>>It’s here! It’s finally here! Actual evidence of voting fraud! And like everything associated with this election debacle, its a day late and a dollar short – as they say in the hallowed halls of justice. Proving this on a grand scale may be possible, but it will take most if not all of the Harris/Biden presidency to make the evidence legit. Not to be a buzzkill folks, but Dementia Joe and the Ho will be the new sheriff in town come Jan 21. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. (See the actual report here at the bottom of this link.)

>>>Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) congratulated President-elect Kamala “Legs up!” Harris and Vice President-elect Joe “Pull-my-finger; Where-did-I-park-the-limo?” Biden, marking the first time The Mitch has directly acknowledged their con-job, vote fraud-laden, fake news media promoted, perfect crime victory. When asked about the acknowledgement, Joe Biden could not remember why he was being congratulated. Now before you start yelling in the town square to get all the pitchforks and fire starters and march down the cobblestone to Mitch’s office, stop and think. Reality can sometimes be cold and cruel, as it is here. But it’s done. It’s over, Johnny.

As in done, finished, finito, et al.

No time for tears, drinks, and anti-depressants. Plans are already underway for 2022. I just wish someone would let me know what they are. Stay tuned for a special follow-up report – “The 2022 Smackdown – or, How I learned to stop worrying and love socialism”.

>>>CA Rep. Eric  Swalwell, former “presidential candidate” (LMAO!!) and currently serving on the House Intelligence committee (let that marinate under the cranium for a bit) is doing the Wango Tango with a Chinese spy.

Swalwell, an anti-gun grabber and lover of all things taxable, got his ‘hand’ (insert other body part here) caught in the naughty bits cookie jar of a one Christine “Me-love-you-longtime” Fang, who also has many public servant ex-boyfriends, according to investigators. Go figure!

>>>Jill Biden shall now be called Her Royal Holiness Doctor Jill Biden under penalty of extreme humiliation, called names that end in -ist and -ism, and media censorship. Just ask the editors at the WSJ. Turns out HRHD Jill’s degree is in Education. I guess that makes you an expert teacher, or something. That little factoid didn’t stop Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the intelligentsia at ‘The View’ from nominating her as Surgeon General.

The always lovely, ever insightful Joy Behar from “The View”

Oh, those gals over at The View are sharp; such a brain trust to be treasured. Meanwhile, to quench the fires and bloodlust for all things deemed politically incorrect by the left, WSJ Opinion Editor Paul A. Gigot said “There’s nothing like playing the race or gender card to stifle criticism,” and we here at Raison Detre – RANTS! whole heartedly agree.  

>>>The 1st injections of the new covid vaccine have been administered, and reports of recipients climbing walls, catching insects with their tongues, hungering for human flesh and developing signs of a third eyeball are “completely exaggerated and blown out of proportion”, says Dr. Fauci, the CDC, Bill Gates, and the World Health Organization. The global medical experts all have reached the consensus that these are just normal immunity reactions, and the effects are only temporary.

In a recent conference in Geneva, Bill Gates reiterated the medical opinions of top experts, and instructed those eligible for the first doses of the vaccine to “Sit down, shut up, and take it, you peasant bitches! I know what’s best for your simple-ass selves.” Bill Gates, who self-encased him and his wife Melinda into a large Bio-dome covering their entire 66,000 sq. ft. mansion estate, insist that we all get covid “tattoos”, to make those lines everyone else stands in to become faster and more efficient. Bill and Melinda Gates have once again demonstrated their caring, compassionate, and charitable contributions to make the world a better and more controlled place to live. At least for them.

>>>United States Congressman Paul Mitchell from Michigan has announced he is leaving the Republican Party over President Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. And no one cares. BTW, is he the same guy that makes that eco-friendly, non-canine tested hair gel?

>>>Empress Lady Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan,  Gavin “Governor Gaslight” Newsome of California and Andrew “Leave-the-gun-take-the-canolli” Cuomo of the notorious Cuomo crime family of New York are still in charge of their respective states and applauding themselves for killing the elderly, destroying entire industries, and causing massive unemployment. As they all have stated from their gated, protected, taxpayer funded mansions and cherry wood decorated offices, “We’re all in this together!” I feel better already.

>>>Speaking of criminals, big props to Andy “Party-in-my-pants” Cuomo, who has single-handedly destroyed the #metoo movement. Remember the feminist battle cry of “Believe All Women!” in any and all cases of supposed sexual harassment?

Democrats and leaders of NOW have just put out a press release and memo of clarification defining that the phrase only is applicable to Republicans, and is only brought out when needed to stoke the flames of baseless allegations and to derail SCOTUS candidates. Despite the controversy over the allegations against him, Cuomo still maintains that Brett Kavanaugh is a serial rapist.

>>>There were, and probably still are Chinese troops in Canada hosted by Justin “I-ain’t-Pierre!” Trudeau, who just wants to make the world a better place, sing Kumbaya, and to be liked and respected by somebody/anybody.

>>>‘Proud Boys’ and other patriots in DC give back some unity and tolerance, and treat the socialist fascists of Antifa like the little candy-ass, basement dwellers they are – and suddenly, Democrats are outraged over violence in the streets, and want something done about it.

Antifa got sucker punched. WHOOPSY! Tough. Too bad. Sucks to be you and have to taste your own medicine.

You folks best be glad that we here at Raison Detre – Rants! are all over the news like white on rice, so you don’t have to! Our ear is on the wall, and our nose is on the ground, which keeps you informed and also makes for a very unpleasant position for us. But we do it all for you.

Now can I please get an award or something?

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