It’s the 23rd Annual Raison Detre ‘Newsmaker of the Year Award’

Last week, Time Magazine made quite a stir in their annual “Person of the Year” award by giving it to the Democrat tag team of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Xi Jinping. Like every year, their award is often misunderstood by many to represent the people that they like and admire the most. Just like in 1938, when Time told the world that Adolf Hitler was their person of the year, it angered many into thinking that Time was into honoring criminals, despots, half-baked dictators with racist/murderous tendencies, and other fine folks that everyone would love to spit on or watch burn in hell.  

Biden, Harris, and top political adviser and bankroller, Xi Jinping.

But now, like in 1938, Time had to be explain that the award was given to not the most noble, but rather the most newsworthy individual of the year. Time Magazine still claims this to be the case today, but in their selection of the Biden/Harris tag team of Democrat incompetence that literally kept out of sight and in the basement during the last month of the election, it is an honest question and criticism as to whether the award is now a simple popularity contest for the people Time admires and fawns over the most. Regardless of your political affiliation, leanings, or endorsement, it’s fair to say the most newsworthy person of this last year – in fact the last 4 years – has been Donald Trump. There has been no one more consistently in the news and making news than Trump. In our humble opinion, it really makes their choice suspect as to their motives and to the bias that they have demonstrated and given over the years to Democrats, liberals, and progressives.

So, in order to bring those journalistic hacks and halfwits at Time back on track and give some legitimacy to a ‘newsmaker of the year’ type of award, it is with great joy and anticipation that we release our ‘Raison Detre Newsmaker of the Year’ award to the average American voter.

Churchill was a prophet, and had a premonition about the the collective IQ in America in 2020

That’s right. We’re giving it to the 60 million voters who cast their ballot for Joe Biden in this last presidential election. Even though Donald Trump had more than 74 million votes (the most any US president has ever had), Uncle Joe and the Ho managed to scrape together 60 million votes supplemented by another 20 million votes from illegals, dead people, multiple voting constituents, forgers, dubious local vote counters, the Chinese, Ukrainian oil companies, Dominion voting systems, and various other criminals and ne’er-do-wells.

Here we see Hunter Biden hard at work fundraising for dad’s campaign!

But for this award, we are narrowing the focus to those 60 million who legally voted for Biden and salute their unmatched level of ignorance, stupidity, and complete inability to think forward using facts, logic, and reason. Yes, those proud and upstanding Americans who tuned in to the mainstream media to get their daily dose of “orange-man-bad” groupthink and Orwellian two-minute hate.

Visionary and prophet.

And now, because of the average American voter’s ignorant political apathy and sloth, combined with a continually media-reinforced need to criticize Trump without a coherent and well-thought reason why, America’s best known dementia patient and Real Dem of Genius is set to be sworn in as president on Jan 20th, 2021.

Joe Biden – proving for all that you can be somebody in America without any real accomplishments.

Yes, America, get ready for 4 years of tax increases on EVERYBODY, not-so-disguised socialism,

the destruction of middle-east peace agreements, giveaways to illegals and criminals, loans and grants to the unproductive, “free” education and healthcare, massive inflation, a sinking economy, 100 days more of masks, along with a healthy dose of lib/progressive white guilt policies, restrictions in speech, erosion of gun rights, and the elevation of hair sniffing to an Olympic sport. Not to mention the top-shelf comic gaffes of a man who is obviously in cognitive decline.

Let’s just hope his continued loss of synapses doesn’t get us into a depression or war. Well, not to be a worry wort. If anything happens to our Hair-Sniffer-in-Chief, we’ll have Kamala to take the wheel of freedo … oh, wait – shit!

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