Panic in Detroit

The Motor City – forged into an industrial mecca in the early 1900’s by titans of industry such as Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers, Sebastian Kresge, Charles Fisher, and countless other industrialists and job creators. Home to the forever cherished Motown Sound of the Temptations, Supremes, Four Tops and Marvin Gaye. Considered as the “arsenal of democracy” of the 20th century. This all but a memory now, in a city that has been decimated by Democrat policies since the fifties, when Detroits population made it the 4th largest city in America. Detroit reached its population peak in the 1950 census at over 1.8 million people, and decreased in population with each subsequent census; and as of the 2010 census, the city had just over 700,000 residents, adding up to a total loss of 61% of the population. No other city in America, barring natural disasters, has had that level of exodus from its proper border.

And now, during a promising rebirth and resurgence in its primary business core that has been stopped dead cold from the phony BLM movement and the Corona-19 pandemic, it has become a central figure in the scandal that has been the 2020 presidential election. Like other big cities in America such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and others that have had decades of Dem leadership bringing policies that have created entire city regions of blight, crime, and destruction, Detroit has positioned itself once again as a national embarrassment.

Down at the TCF Center (formerly COBO Hall), absentee ballots are being counted without proper oversight.

As reported in The Detroit News, the Oakland County-based nonprofit Election Integrity Fund and election challenger Sarah Stoddard are suing the city Election Commission, Clerk Janice Winfrey (who has 1 [one] job!) and others. According to the complaint filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, the absentee voter counting board at Detroit’s TCF Center is under “one-party control.” 

Poll inspectors count and process absentee ballots at the TCF Center in Detroit Wednesday.

The filing stated “Specifically, individual inspectors from a single major political party are ‘curing’ rejected absentee ballots — those absentee ballots that cannot be properly read by the electronic counting machine — including transposing the voter’s perceived choices onto a new ballot, without the required oversight and signatures of two election inspectors — one from each major political party … These rejected absentee ballots are reviewed by only one inspector, in most cases a Democratic inspector, who then unilaterally decides how the voter intended to vote and creates a ballot that can be read reflecting the inspector’s unilateral decision.”

Welcome to the new Banana Republic of Detroit – a shining template for the rest of America if the regime change coup of Biden/Harris is successful.

“Keep your powder dry”, and pray hard.

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