Raison D’etre – Man, Myth, & Legend

Billionaire, Superhero, Provocateur, Capitalist, Slave to Fashion, and just an all-around swell guy. Adored by many; loved by all. A beacon of truth and light in a dark and desperate world.

… are sick and fed up with the daily dose of manure handed out by the media and the sell-out politicians who have slithered their way into power.

Raison D’etre makes it his sole purpose to provide society with conservative enlightenment, facilitated through the interpersonal triad of educating the stupid, correcting those that are wrong, and sharing his presence with the world. His charm, wit, intelligence, and rugged good looks have provided the inspiration for the “Most interesting man in the world” beer commercials.

Why does he do this?

  • To counter the shameless and soulless left wing media whores who are puppets of the DNC; and
  • Because his political wisdom and keen political insights are just too good to not share – he is a benevolent and generous man.

When he isn’t shark hunting, climbing Everest, or freeing citizens from oppressive third-world socialist regimes, he enjoys exercising his 2nd amendment rights in the shooting sports, and burning fossil fuels in off-road adventures with his beautiful trophy wife.

Another relaxing outing with the family who are once again demonstrating superior trigger discipline and safety.

Published by Raison D'etre

Defender of truth, justice, and the American way of unbridled capitalism. Shameless promoter of American exceptionalism. A connoisseur of wine and fine spirits, and food critic and consultant to the worlds finest chefs. A lot of fun at parties. Knows many attorneys. Loves bacon, margaritas, and firearms.

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