The unavoidable horror of reality

Okay, people. Reality check time. Call this a little tough love.

And after you digest what I am about to say, it’ll be time for a thorough gut check. A big one.

Unless hell freezes over, unless the stars and the planets perfectly align in the cosmos, unless that crazy coyote catches that poor little road runner, Donald Trump will no longer be president on Jan 20, 2021.


YES, I think the election was RIDDLED with voter fraud and corruption.

YES, I think that two of the most incapable and incompetent people in politics, Slow Joe & the Ho, will occupy the top two seats in government.

But that doesn’t mean squat. The universe doesn’t care. Sucks to be us.

For now.

Let’s do a little reminder here. After 4 (four; aka- cuatro, Четыре, 四, τέσσερα) years of going through and cleaning up the debris of an actual Democrat-sponsored unsuccessful coup via a made up Russian collusion story, with the origins leading right up to the highest levels of government, not one head has rolled. Not one top Democrat official is getting treated as a true prison bitch by his 400 lb lifer cellmate. And if we conservatives can’t even get that to work out in our favor, what on God’s green earth makes you think we are going to get an election turned around????

Here is the scathing, sharp, meat hook reality of the situation: we’re not.

So now, you must be asking “Raison, you’re one of the smartest beings on the planet. What can we do?” Solid question. Here is a short list of my top-shelf, four-star recommendations:

1) Feel the burn (and I ain’t talkin’ about Sanders!), and let the butt hurt flow through you. Get and STAY angry. Realize what the intellectual laziness and sloth of the average American voter has brought you. Unfortunately, far too many conservatives finally woke up in the 11th hour of the election, and took an interest. Some even took a stand. But a little too little; a little too late. I have said for years that I was sick and tired of conservatives seeing the world on fire around them, and simply shake their heads and say “Oh my!”, followed up by placement of their craniums firmly back into the sand. Because of this apathy, our schools have become leftist/Marxist indoctrination centers, and our media giants have become complicit foot soldiers of spreading that ideology by giving Americans a big, healthy dose of bullshit every-single-day.

2) Now that we have many asleep conservatives that have gotten off their useless, lazy asses, and have had some political shock therapy by watching an afflicted dementia patient ready to take the reigns of the country, we need to plan – and plan BIG! Immediately, you should contribute to the Republican senate races in Georgia – NOW! Both Georgia senate seats that will be up for grabs in special elections to be held Jan 5, 2021. Should both go blue, the senate is lost. Dems will have the triad of political power to do what they want, when they want. Let that marinate in your skulls for a bit.

3) One thing the media whores are not reporting: Dems did not do well in down ballot elections. At the local levels in many states, things have gone red, and in some cases, bright red. So lets think a little longer term to two years from now. The mid-terms never get the turnout the presidential elections do, and the Dems are worse at showing up for those than Republicans. Lock your sights on 2022. EVERY conservative candidate must get backed like Trump did. This will send shock waves, and pave the way for a conservative POTUS in 2024.

Play the long game, and pray.

Published by Raison D'etre

Defender of truth, justice, and the American way of unbridled capitalism. Shameless promoter of American exceptionalism. A connoisseur of wine and fine spirits, and food critic and consultant to the worlds finest chefs. A lot of fun at parties. Knows many attorneys. Loves bacon, margaritas, and firearms.

2 thoughts on “The unavoidable horror of reality

  1. Until we find the source of the fraud in this election, we can’t formulate a game plan for 2022. But election software might be a good place to start, dontcha think Raison?


    1. No, I don’t. The Georgia runoff is coming up Jan 5, and strong action is needed now! It will take at least a year to shake the cockroaches out of the carpet. Just the other day, failed Pres candidate Andrew “Everyone-gets-a-$1k-a-month” Yang told fellow Dems to “move” to Georgia to throw the election. These malevolent swine are hellbent for making us pay for the last four WH years. No evil is beyond their capability. If conservatives sit back down and place their heads back in the sand, were all going to be screaming “Thank you sir! May I have another?” I am far more worried about Georgia than any chance to change the election. However, the Georgia recount could give Perdue the 50% he needs to not have a runoff, but that is pure wishful thinking. The enemy is well past the gate and running amok in our streets, and they are sadistic cannibals looking for revenge.


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