Book cover
Book cover

John Patrick Lamont drew upon fourteen years of experience working within the insurance industry to write his first novel, Sum of Life — The Worst Kind of Lies. Inspired by both the generosity and selfishness of the people he encountered, Mr. Lamont creates a window into a world of money and power driven by need and greed. Mr. Lamont hopes that his fictional corporate insurance world inspires his readers to avoid the poor choices and pitfalls made by the characters in the Sum of Life trilogy.

All places, companies, people living or dead, products and events in Sum of Life — The Worst Kind of Lies are fictitious. Any similarity to anyone living or dead, anyplace, or anything is only coincidental and unintentional. As a novel, this story is categorized as fiction and should be read for entertainment purposes only. Life is so complex that no story could ever fully or accurately represent all of the points of view or truths within it.

This book and any subsequent or previous associated works by me as the author should not be considered a guide for people wanting to protect their estate or to invest their money. For making wise and informed choices concerning insurance and investments, consult with a well-trained and competent professional in your area of need. Carefully listen to and consider everything that he or she tells or shows you. Seeking a second opinion will also aid you in deciding on your best course of action.

Mr. Lamont continues to work within the insurance industry and welcomes any comments or questions about his book.

Excerpts from this and also his next two books, Betrayals of the Heart and Fall From Grace, will be posted for review on his web site for download. For additional information about the Sum of Life trilogy that cannot be found here, you may also email Mr. Lamont directly or contact his publisher at