Book cover
Book cover

Sum of Life —
The Worst Kind of Lies

is a riveting mystery of corporate deceit, deception, betrayal and murder pitted against friendship, courage, sacrifice, and love. The setting for the story is within a fictional modern day insurance company where capitalism is considered the perfect business model. For some people, opportunities abound for unlimited wealth; but for others, life is reduced to an existence of fear and drudgery. Aided by reluctant governmental agencies, the least likely of heroes battles against the forces of corporate power and organized crime. The story unfolds through the eyes of the players and shows how the unwitting public and Titanic Insurance Company of Kansas employees are manipulated and fleeced. In this world, where power and the greed of the few outweigh the needs of the many, champions arise to fight with a vengeance for their liberty, justice and livelihood.

Betrayals of the Heart

is the second volume of the Sum of Life trilogy. It delves into the shadowy world of fraternal financial societies — loosely regulated, tax-exempt businesses run by a carefully chosen inner circle. They are not what they appear to their members. Behind benevolent public façades lie arcane rituals, gross mis­management, greed and dangerous, secret power struggles.

The for profit at whatever the cost, mega-giant Titanic Insurance Company of Kansas, is on a collision course with the small, all women-managed, Golden Arrow fraternal society. Both have their spies and corporate assassins hard at work. But, unknown to both is a hidden wild card that trumps all when it can be used. What carnage occurs when these players meet is yours to discover.